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About us

Beijing Hengjiu Experimental Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009 and is a high-tech production enterprise that integrates production, research and development, and sales. The company is located in the beautiful Miyun Economic Development Zone, covering an area of 25 acres, with a total construction area of over 9000 square meters and a total investment of over 50 million yuan. The total value of various production, calibration, and calibration equipment is nearly 15 million yuan.

Beijing Hengjiu Experimental Equipment Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive high-tech production enterprise specializing in the research and development of thermal analysis instruments, physical and chemical instruments, small and medium-sized evaluation devices, model testing devices, micro reaction devices, and various high-pressure and corrosion-resistant chemical equipment. The equipment produced is mainly used in industries such as petroleum, petrochemicals, chemical systems, coal gasification, petroleum and chemical engineering colleges (departments) of higher education institutions, as well as energy, environmental protection, pharmaceuticals, etc. We have become a well-known brand company with advanced technology and high degree of automation in China. The company has signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with SONACS EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. of Canada, leveraging their respective advantages to achieve strong collaboration and fully cooperate in equipment technology in the petrochemical industry. At the same time, the company also cooperates with multiple domestic research institutes and enterprise units, among which, multiple projects that have reached international advanced levels, such as the Process Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Shanxi Institute of Coal Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Southwest Chemical Research Institute, and the Chinese Academy of Petroleum Sciences. In addition, it has also carried out in-depth cooperation with Beijing University of Chemical Technology (School of Chemical Engineering) in the teaching equipment of principles of chemical engineering, optimized and upgraded the original principles of chemical engineering equipment, and jointly launched a number of domestic advanced and high-end teaching equipment of principles of chemical engineering. We have achieved a reasonable structure, advanced technology, and integrated manual and automatic design, which has passed the evaluation and certification of the Ministry of Education. We have led the equipment technology trend in the same industry, improved the teaching level of domestic university users, and received unanimous praise from users.

The company currently has nine main departments: product research and development department, technology department, production department, sales department, e-commerce department, after-sales department, procurement department, finance department, comprehensive management department, etc. There are currently 85 employees, including 30% with graduate and senior professional titles, 15% with research and technical personnel, and 35% with production personnel. While striving to improve product quality and strengthen scientific management, the company has expanded research institutions, gathered insightful individuals from all sides, and cultivated many composite talents who master high technology and modern management. After years of effort, a mature research team has been formed, dedicated to introducing new products and constantly creating new products that adapt to the times.

All products produced by the company have passed the metrological inspection of the National Technical Supervision Bureau, and have been issued with metrological product qualification certificates and production licenses. The products produced are listed as priority recommended products in the education equipment industry and have been certified by the China Quality Certification Center, meeting the ISO9001:2015 quality management system standard. At the same time, it has received numerous honors such as Beijing High tech Enterprise and Zhongguancun High tech Enterprise. The company has cooperated with the Process Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to complete a number of national science and technology projects, including a domestic di high temperature and high pressure coal catalytic cracking device, a micro fluidized bed experimental device, a Isobutane dehydrogenation circulating fluidized bed catalyst evaluation device, a rapid rise temperature differential thermal balance and a fluidized bed analyzer, and has obtained relevant patents, filling a number of research gaps in this field in China.

As of 2018, the company's product sales amounted to nearly 150 million yuan, making it one of the fastest growing enterprises in China. In recent years, the company's growth rate has exceeded 45%, especially in replacing the introduction of small and medium-sized testing devices and designing and constructing high-level testing devices, which are leading positions in China. By utilizing advanced foreign technology and design and manufacturing experience, we have successfully transformed multiple sets of devices, reaching a level comparable to the newly introduced devices by Zui. The enterprise adheres to the business philosophy of "excellent quality, customer first, and first-class service", and meeting user needs to the greatest extent is an eternal and unchanging philosophy of Everlasting People. It is expected to become an advanced researcher and manufacturer of chemical analysis and chemical equipment in China by the end of 2025.

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